The Waiting Room


Name: The Waiting Room

Author: Alysha Kaye

Published: July 1, 2014 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Purchased: Received free from the author in exchange for an honest review, $3.99 on Kindle.


Many thanks to the author Alysha Kaye for providing a copy for an honest review.

This book…I don’t know what I expected but, this wasn’t it. I did not want to put it down and if I didn’t have to work, I might not have, although I still finished it in one day.

Right off the bat, I’m pulled in, the emotions are running high and I’m curious to see what happened.

So different from any book I’ve ever read, applaud the author for keeping the reader so engrossed in the book and keeping them anxious to turn the page throughout the entire thing.

The emotional rollercoaster never stopped and the only predictable thing about this story is that they’ll always find each other, you can feel it from the first page.

Intense, thought-provoking, and emotional, I couldn’t keep it out of my head. I want more, I need more.

This is the authors debut novel and it’s excellent. A wonderful read that had me saying aww and almost crying the next moment. Some of the scenes were so beautiful and corny that I had to hold my hand to my heart.

True love and soul mates who find each other no matter what is what this book is about and I feel like the two characters portray a real marriage that’s based on love and silliness. Other books I’ve read have a marriage where it just seems like obsession rather than love and they fight about letting the woman do what she wants. Not this one. You’ll just have to read it to find out what I mean.

Thank you for reading my review.



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